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Edison Medical™ offers a wide range of products & systems that are suitable to work with the majority of leading implant companies available in the market.

AB Dental®: Internal Hex 3.5 RP
Adin®: Internal Hex 3.5 Touareg™ S | OS | Swell, Conical Conn. CloseFit™ Ø3.5mm RP, Conical Conn. CloseFit™ Ø4.3 / 5.0 mm WP
Alfa Gate®: Internal Hex SCI™ | MAX™ | Porous™ RP, Conical Conn. M+ Conical Fit NP, Conical Conn. M+ Conical Fit RP
Alpha Bio®: Internal Hex 3.5 RP
Alpha Dent®: Internal Hex 3.5 RP
Astra Tech®: Conical Conn. TX OsseoSpeed™ 3.5/4.0 RP, Conical Conn. TX OsseoSpeed™ 4.5/5.0 WP
Axelmed®: Internal Hex RP
BEGO®: Internal Hex RP
Biohorizons®: Internal Hex Tapered Internal™ 3.5 Platform, Internal Hex Tapered Internal™ 4.5 Platform
Blue Sky Bio®: BIO Internal Hex™ 3.5 Platform, Conical Conn. BIO Max™ NP, Conical Conn. BIO Quattro™ Ø3.3mm NP, Conical Conn. BIO Conus 12™ 3.5/4.0 RP, Bio Internal Hex™ 4.5 Platform, Conical Conn. BIO Conus 12™ 4.5 / 5.0 Platform, Conical Conn. BIO Max™ RP, Conical Conn. BIO Quattro™ Ø4.1mm RP
Cortex®: Dynamix™ Internal Hex RP, Conical Conn. Dynamix™ RP, Conical Conn. Dynamix™ WP
Dentegris®: Internal Hex RP
Dentium®: Conical Conn. Superline™ / Implantium™ System
Ditron®: Internal Hex Ultimate™| MPI™ RP
Edison Medical®: Conical Conn. Fortis™ RP, iOS3™ System SP, Conical Conn. Artic™ NP, Conical Conn. Artic™ RP, Internal Hex Lamina™ RP
Glidewell® / Hahn™: Conical Conn. Tapered Implant Ø 3.5/4.3 mm, Conical Conn. Tapered Implant Ø 5 mm
Hiossen®: Conical Conn. ET™ System RP, Conical Conn. ET™ System Mini / NP
Implant Direct®: Conical Conn. InterActive™ NP, Conical Conn. InterActive™ RP, Internal Hex Legacy™ 3.5 RP, Internal Hex Legacy™ 4.5 WP
iRes®: Internal Hex RP
Isomed®: Bifasici Esagono Interno - Internal Hex RP 3.5
JDentalCare®: Internal Hex RP, Conical Conn. JDiCone® RP
MegaGen®: Conical Conn. AnyOne™ System, Conical Conn. AnyRidge™ System
MIS®: Internal Hex SEVEN & M4™ WP, Internal Hex SEVEN & M4™ SP
NeoBiotech®: Conical Conn. IS™ System, Conical Conn. IS™ S-Narrow System
Nobel Biocare®: Conical Conn. Nobel Active™ RP, Conical Conn. Nobel Active™ NP
Noris Medical®: Internal Hex RP
Osstem®: Conical Conn. TS™ System RP, Conical Conn. TS™ System Mini / NP
Oxy Implant®: K1 Line Regular - Wide Core
Paltop®: Internal Hex Dynamic™ | DIVA™ SP, Conical Conn. PCA™ Standard Platform SP
Ritter Implants®: Internal Hex RP
SGS Dental Implants®: Dental Implants Internal Hex P1™ | P7™ - RP
Spiral Tech®: Internal Hex RP, Conical Conn. RP, Conical Conn. NP
Stern Gold®: Internal Hex RP
Straumann®: CrossFit™ Bone Level NC 3.3 Platform, CrossFit™ Bone Level RC 4.1 Platform, Nuvo - InternalFit™ Standard Platform SP, Nuvo - ConicalFit™ NP / Mini, Nuvo - ConicalFit™ Standard Platform SP
Surgikor Implant®: Internal Hex RP, Conical Conn. Wide WC, Conical Conn. Regular RC
TRI Dental Implants AG®: Internal Hex - Bone Level RP
Zimmer Biomet®: Internal Hex 3.5 RP, Internal Hex 4.5 WP


** Registered trademarks are owned by their respective companies and there is no commercial relationship with the  Edison Medical™ brand. Its mention is made for proper identification purpose of the dental implant with which the Edison Medical™ abutments can be used.

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