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Edison Medical [EM] is an additional to Ritter implant system line of premium quality dental implant products used by dental professionals around the world. EM’s extensive inventory is uniquely manufactured for use with more than 70 of the market’s implant brands.

WE ARE Edison Medical

EM provides its clients with exceptional products at competitive prices and prompt, reliable service. Launched in 2010 as the brainchild of one of its co-founders, EM provides industry professionals with a fresh and novel way to supply their businesses. By taking both the manufacturing and online marketplace aspects into our own hands, we at Edison Medical can proudly offer our clients a holistic system of production and a direct-to-client marketplace that meets our standards.

Edison Medical was founded on the premise that the dental implant market could be simplified. Years of industry experience led the founders to understand that the overwhelming amount of dental implant options was a source of confusion and complication for many industry professionals.

Realizing that there was no single source to turn to that satisfied all the brand and implant system options, the founders were driven to fill that void themselves, and that was when EM was born. Rather than create a marketplace for all brands where so many of the same inherent problems that come with too many options would continue to exist, they decided to carry out their own vision.

Creating a business encompassing both the production and the marketplace was the answer. It allowed a simplification of the implant market for professionals by creating the highest quality products designed for use with more than 70 of the market’s leading brands and across multiple platforms, and costing significantly less than the competition.

We at Edison Medical are committed to providing the best value and service to our clients, offering a superior quality product uniquely designed for use in conjunction with the market’s leading brands.

EM’s online infrastructure has been developed for easy navigation and use to help you efficiently purchase all of your implant supplies in a single place. If you can’t find an item you are looking for, contact us directly so we can give you a hand in your search.

Our mission is to become the leading online provider of premium quality, competitively-priced dental implants and prosthetic solutions.

Our  Vision 


Our vision is to be the leading online provider for dental implant solutions with an emphasis on service, quality & variety. We are devoted to building and maintaining active relationships with companies on the leading edge of technology in order to provide the most advanced products for our clients.

Quality &  Reliability

Quality & Consitency

We take care of the legwork, including assuring compliance with manufacturer specifications and tests of internal and external quality, so that you can confidently purchase your products with the knowledge that they are EM-approved. All Edison Medical products are produced in Germany and are FDA-cleared, CE-marked and ISO-certified.

Attentive  Service 

Attentive Service

It is of utmost importance to provide exceptional service to our customers and we see it as an integral part of the formula for success. Attentive listening and accommodating ongoing customer needs builds a solid and successful business relationship, which is why we place priority on understanding each client’s individual profile and needs.


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